Activity Chambers provide comprehensive services for all our clients to ensure that at all times our services are required that our clients' interests are protected providing them with peace of mind to enable them maximise their outputs as professional athetes or organisations.

We always endeavour to represent clients’ best interests through providing a package of professional services geared to assisting clients maximise their potentials at all times.

Strong and lasting contacts have been forged over many years of operating in the football and media industry opening up many different communication channels with clubs comprising players, managers, CEO’s and Board Members.

We offer balanced opinions to individual clients from a number of professional sources utilising our expertise and in doing so representing and meeting the financial aspirations of our client.

Maximising clients’ fullest income potential is always our goal at Activity Chambers ensuring a footballer's career which can be short in certain instances necessitates the requirement for optimum deals and rewards for its client and ensuring that clubs maximise profit from the transfers and subsequent transfers [where applicable] of their players.